Everything you need

  • add to your favorites an article and video to read or watch later
  • lock your passwords and personal information in a secure vault
  • execute Google categories niche research in a few selected web apps
  • organize your tasks and optimize your time
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube categories integration in a single page
  • discover best deals and coupons at your favorite store
  • get the latest music news, videos and listen your preferred artist or band
  • dedicated dashboard to organize and live your city
  • explore nearby places along with review and travel distance
  • 100+ HTML5 instant games
  • check movie timings and book your ticket online
  • get news and read magazines
  • edit photo and add effects or frames
  • and much more ...

Our features

Instant Apps

Tap & launch multiple apps at the touch of a button




Customized to user’s preferences and location

Deep Linking

Link to a specific content within a web app


About Us

LinKero is part of a young and innovative start-up with a solid foundation in the field of new web services, especially in Flight Customer Support and On-Demand Grocery Service Delivery. It was born in 2013 born from the skills and experiences merging of two friends who are characterized by a common way of thinking: offer an online practical and efficient solution to perform different daily activities.

We are open and positive to opportunities that these new services offer in terms of relationships and potential connections with new people who share common interests.