LinKero — One App To Rule Them All

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There are about 2 million apps, mobile search engines do not return immediately what is looking for, users have no patience to discover new apps and see if they can satisfy their needs. LinKero is a multitasking app which allows to have access to instant web apps providing connections and resources based on user interests for all daily needs within the context of their location. […]

WeChat — The Matryoshka App

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WeChat was launched in January 2011 as a messaging app for sending text, voice and photos to friends and family. Since then, the app has boomed becoming a platform that plugs in all sorts of additional third party services which means everything gets done faster. In addition, one of the reasons for WeChat’s success in […]

Chatbots — Dream or Reality?

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A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users via a messaging interface. Thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, they get a real understanding of what a person is saying and then generating the right response. However, chatbots can contextualize, remember and learn from conversation data to execute relevant future […]

Instant Apps Bubble?

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What is an instant app? At first look, it’s a wonderful new feature. With just one tap you enter into the beautiful user experience of fabulous interiors with high performance and great capabilities. Today’s technology allows running all those marvelous realities without any heavy additional installations, bulky and crashing apps. You navigate the ocean of […]