Instant Apps Bubble?

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What is an instant app? At first look, it’s a wonderful new feature. With just one tap you enter into the beautiful user experience of fabulous interiors with high performance and great capabilities. Today’s technology allows running all those marvelous realities without any heavy additional installations, bulky and crashing apps.

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You navigate the ocean of web resources without any obstacles. Moving from one web port to another, you are able to discover the beauty of almost unlimited content.

Your phone remains lite, its memory doesn’t struggle trying to elaborate all megabytes. It’s like an easygoing dream and you love it!


All this could be perfect but…imagine that using an instant app you discover some nice place, a specific web site where you would like to go back another time. Exactly here you have to wake up crudely from your dream. You have lost your paradise! If you don’t know the specific name, there is no way to reach back the path. This is one of the biggest weak point and disappointment of the magic world of instant apps.

Moreover , instant apps are often advertised as time and effort saving but also they are just a lite version of the original app without including all functionalities and, at the end, you always need to install the full version! It’s why more than 65% of WeChat mini program users returned to the original mobile app


Even if skeptics will tell you that an all-in-one app limits in some way, you always have a possibility to return to the sources you have found interesting. You don’t need to look for it blindly but simply following organized categories. Another important aspect is the content. All-in-one app serves you on the golden plate verified and selected connections. You don’t have to know their specific name or waste your time searching for valuable and relevant results. They are just there, waiting you to simply tap an icon. What more, it is not required to install nothing else as you will have access to the full version of all web apps.

We can’t forget to emphasize that, as in the case of instant apps, your smartphone runs smoothly and, what is a lot important, without overloading your memory.


If you still have not tested an all-in-one app, don’t hesitate to check if this recent solution will fit your needs making your life easier. LinKero, as an all-in-one app, provides more than 1000 connections and is fully customized for UK and USA countries. It can simplify your daily life more than you expect without wasting your time!

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