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There are about 2 million appsmobile search engines do not return immediately what is looking for, users have no patience to discover new apps and see if they can satisfy their needs.

LinKero is a multitasking app which allows to have access to instant web apps providing connections and resources based on user interests for all daily needs within the context of their location.

Users can run, without installing them, more than 1000+ web apps useful to exploreinteractaccomplish and achieve a better understanding of the everyday life, living infinitely easier and making a phone run faster!

It is possible to enjoy the convenience of including everything in one place without having to use as much memory on the phone and speeding-up the device.

On the other side, Google Allo or Siri, as many other search engines and personal assistant bots, provides “passively” suggestions. It means that users have to know the right keyword to look for what they need.

Comparing to different years ago, today web pages look and behave as apps thanks to HTML5 that eliminates the performance gap between the mobile Web and standalone apps by enabling browser-based apps.Another reason why web pages are needed is that it’s almost impossible to search for content within an app.

At the same time, LinKero seamlessly facilitates to keep customers coming back which is one of the advantage of native apps. For example, Android Instant Apps are a lite version of native apps that allow single pages or features of the app to be downloaded and accessed on demand, installation not needed, every time a user would like to display a content but without the possibility to return to it after closing.

LinKero mission is to provide a unique everyday user experience offering a centralized set of activities customized to user’s preferences and location surfacing new use cases that can simplify and enrich user’s life. Web apps are listed in 24 categories always accessible.


LinKero lets to discover and enjoy hundreds of selected resources:
– save it for later: every time you find an article or video and you want to read or watch them later, just add to your favorites
– password manager: lock your passwords and personal information in a secure vault
– additional web applications: add and organize them according to your preferences
– custom search: execute Google categories niche research in a few selected web apps
– to-do list and project management tool: organize your tasks and optimize your time
– daily deal and coupon: discover available discounts at your favorite store
– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube categories integration in a single page
– latest music news, videos and listen your preferred artist or band
– City Life: dedicated page with 35+ contents to organize and live your metropolis
– speech recognition: navigate between tabs or launch automatically web apps using your voice
– nearby places: explore local activities along with review and travel distance
– 100+ instant games
– movie review and show timing: check movie timings and book your ticket online
– photo editor: edit photo and add effects or frames
– news and magazine
– and much more…


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